Saturday 10 April 2021

Recommendations: Planet Loss and As Before, So Behind

First up is Planet Loss by Luke Oram, a superb graphic novel that translates a 32 minute song by the band Wallowing.  It addresses problems of today such as social injustice,  greed and oppression of peoples, but mirrored in a dystopian future society. Planet Loss sees one man reach breaking point and make a stand.

The artwork is just brilliant, at times, reminiscent of Geof Darrows art on Hard Boiled. His colours are just gorgeous and bring thus alien world to life.  But what really stands out is Lukes story telling, he has to do the heavy lifting with his art as there is no speech from characters. 

Find Luke via Facebook and PM him if you want to grab a copy of Planet Loss, you really won't regret it.

Full disclosure Luke is currently working on my story "Project Revenant" due to appear in issue #6 of The77.  Look out for the Kickstarter soon.

Set in a very real here and now is As Before, So Behind.  I heard this recommended on The Awesome Comics Podcast by Vince Hunt.  It really is a beautiful, but difficult, book to read as the creator talks to his infant son who died shortly after his birth.  

This hit me hard as it was only a year ago that my own daughter was born. I'm not too proud to say I shed a tear or two.  Just 79p on Comixology, worth a read.

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